Volunteers planting an olive sapling

Come Help Stop Israeli Violence in Palestine!

Alongside the genocide in Gaza, Palestinians in the West Bank are experiencing an unprecedented spike in violent attacks and abuse perpetrated by both Israeli settlers and the Israeli army, often working in cohort. The situation on the ground is critical, amounting to the complete ethnic cleansing of at least 18 Palestinian communities in the West Bank since October 7, driving them away from their places of dwelling by combined Israeli settler and military violence. We need your help.

To volunteer or for further inquiries, please contact us using the form below. We will connect you to a support group that will help prepare you and help with logistics. It is recommended that volunteers commit to a minimum stay of two weeks, but we favor longer-term commitment due to the vast amount of training required by this type of work.

Once in Palestine, volunteers will undergo two days of intensive training in the West Bank, which will include orientation, legal rights and obligations, principles and tactics of nonviolent intervention and de-escalation, effective documentation practices,and adherence to Palestinian leadership and local community needs. After training, volunteers will then be stationed in threatened communities, and may also be mobilized to tend to emergencies according to need.

The training will prepare International volunteers to provide both direct protection to Palestinian civilians facing Israeli settler violence and attacks, as well as to monitor, document and report on violations of their rights.

Volunteers are expected to fund their own stay or fundraise for it independently. When needed, we will do our best to connect volunteers with local support groups to help with the fundraising.

We recommend using an email address that does not include your legal name.
Let us know where you are from so that a local group can get in touch with you
Let us know if if you have any questions or need any more information

Arrival in Palestine

We hold regular training sessions for volunteers every other Wednesday. Please plan your arrival accordingly. If you already know, please indicate below when you would be joining us.

If possible, please let us know how long you plan to stay